Thank you from your winner Lyn

These two weeks have been an absolutely fantastic experience! Thank you so much to Paul, Peter, Katy and Ruth, all the amazing mods and most of all the wonderful students in our zone! As most of you will know I grew up in Malaysia, where the school system is very different from the one here in the UK. When I was in school people cared a lot more about students being able to answer exam questions, than being able to ask them! Quite often I would go up to a teacher with a question, only to be told – very curtly – that it wasn’t in the syllabus, and therefore I didn’t need to know it. So you can imagine that it was a bit of a shock for me to come to university here, and find out that there was no such thing as a syllabus – the more … Continue reading

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I’m a Scientist – your winner is… LYN

Students have spoken. The votes have been counted. Congratulations Lyn, we look forward to hearing how you spend your £500 prize money. Hard luck to Paul and thank you to all the other scientists who took part. You were all brilliant and each and every single one of you has contributed to the great success of this event. We’ve had two weeks of hot debate, stimulating chat and mind-boggling facts. Students, don’t forget to tell us what you think about science now you’ve taken part. Log in and fill in 4 quick questions in the pink box on the right of the browser, to be in with a chance to win a £20 WH Smith voucher.

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I’m a Scientist – you’ve decided to let Peter go in the Disease Zone

We’ve counted, checked and rechecked the votes and now it’s game over for… PETER This leaves just “sociable, inquisitive and hard-working” Paul and “geeky, purposeful, introverted” Lyn to fight it out for the £500 prize tomorrow. What would they both do with the money, you ask? Paul says “I would use the money to organise a day when schoolchildren could come in and learn how to use some of the amazing microscopes we have here” and Lyn says “I’d make a science-based computer game! Are YOU the hero who will save the day with biology, chemistry and physics?” The competition is hotting up and the scientists are pulling out all the stops to secure your all important final vote. Only you decide who gets the £500 prize. Not your teacher, not the other scientists. Vote NOW to make sure your favourite scientist walks off with the prize – VOTE HERE If … Continue reading

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I’m a Scientist – you’ve now evicted… Katy in Disease Zone

We’ve counted the votes and now it’s time to evict… KATY Sorry to see KATY go after all your hard work. We hope you’ve had fun. In just 24 hours time the final 2 Disease Zone scientists will be revealed to battle it out in the final. Who gets through to the final for a chance to win £500? YOU decide! Will it be “old, fat, bald” Peter, “sociable, inquisitive and hard-working” Paul or “geeky, purposeful, introverted” Lyn? The last 3 scientists have it all to play for and they need your vote. So vote NOW to make sure your favourite scientist makes it through to Friday’s final – VOTE HERE What do you think about science NOW? We hope that taking part in I’m a Scientist has been fun and interesting. But has it changed your view of science and scientists? Please tell us what you think about science … Continue reading

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I’m a Scientist – 1st out is… Ruth

It’s been a fantastic event so far and the scientists have worked hard, answering hundreds of questions between them. But on Friday there can only be one winner in each zone, so some of them have to go. We are sorry to have to do this to you, but the first scientist to be evicted is… RUTH Thanks so much for all you’ve done. We hope you’ve enjoyed taking part. There will be evictions every day for the rest of the week, with the winner announced on Friday. Keep voting students! Who will walk off with the prize? YOU decide!

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DAY 6: Cigarettes and curing cancer

Evictions start tomorrow It’s week 2 and tomorrow sees the start of  the evictions, who will be first to go? Get your votes in! Today’s highlights in the Disease Zone: What they really put in cigarettes: nikzliverpool : is it true that cigaretes have nail varnish remover, tar, urine and also tobacco eelynlim : cigarettes have all sorts of awful stuff in there…sometmes they put some weird stuff in there to make them burn faster, so you have to buy more! And curing cancer wouldn’t stop Lyn doing science: What would you do if you discovered the cure to cancer?

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DAY 5: Spiders, old viruses and poisonous gases

The halfway point Week 1 may nearly be over, but we have the evictions to look forward to next week! The power is in the hands of the 5,000+ students. Today’s highlights in the Disease Zone: Very old viruses: bethtollidayxxx : What is the oldest known virus? peterbalfe : there are pictures of polio victims in egyptian tombs… Why oxygen probably isn’t poisonous… faegallagher : what if oxygen is actually a poison and takes 80 yeahrs to kill you? peterbalfe : Nice idea – but we know if you take it away, you die! eelynlim : if it was, it would be a really lousy poison because it takes longer to kill you than it would take if you didn’t breath oxygen! And hold on to the spiders – we need them! sapphireskyjen : is it true that if earth had less gravity, spiders would die? katybrown : hmm, maybe! … Continue reading

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DAY 4: Disgusting diseases, nanorobots and science careers

At day 4 we’re nearly half way through the event. Hope you’re all chatting, asking and voting! Today’s highlights in the Disease Zone: The most disgusting disease: jemjems : most disgusting disease? paulwaines : defintely Ebola virus- bleeding from every hole in your body? no thanks.. We found out about nanorobots: Do you think the future of robotics in medicine is capable to help this battle? And getting young people into science careers… Do you feel the government is doing enough for young people who want to get into a career in science?  

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DAY 3: Fighting disease 24/7?

Day 3 and there’s no let up in the number of chats and questions – 4,400 students registered and nearly 2,500 answered questions, not to mention loads more chats! Today’s highlights in the Disease Zone: Luckily, being a scientist isn’t a 24 hour job: rubas : do you have to work 24 hours a day becaus e you are doing experiments eelynlim : not 24 hours a day – that would kill us! we can plan our own schedules – that means we sometimes work longer days, but we can have shorter days other times to make up for it But the fight against disease, and especially cancer, could be endless: There are over 200 types of cancer, how many of these have they found a cure or are close to finding a cure to? Do you think one day we’ll be able to cure all disease. Or do you … Continue reading

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DAY 2: Fighting infection and diseased diseases

It’s only day 2 but the questions keep coming! Over 35 live chats and hundreds more great questions. Today’s highlights in the Disease Zone: Infection vs infection: Can you fight infection with infection? Can diseases get diseases?! If diseases are organisms can diseases themselves become diseased?  

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DAY 1: Ethics and religion

And so it begins… I’m a Scientist June 2013 has got off to a busy start. Across all zones we’ve had around 30 live chats, a few thousand questions asked outside of the chats, and there are now 3,300 students registered! Today’s highlights in the Disease Zone: Is it right to use animals for science? Do you harm animals in your work? And science and religion: Do you think that belive in god is important for a scientist?

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