• Question: How many anabolic steroids would it take for a human to turn into Hulk?

    Asked by russewil to Lyn, Katy, Paul, PB on 27 Jun 2013.
    • Photo: Peter Balfe

      Peter Balfe answered on 27 Jun 2013:

      Anabolic steroid abuse combined with ferocious weight training can give you a body-builder like physique, but extreme doses will simply kill you. Hulk is not the endpoint!

    • Photo: Paul Waines

      Paul Waines answered on 27 Jun 2013:

      Hi russewil- that is a great question!

      Well, however many you take, you won’t turn green but they might make you a bit angry! This is because they are illegal drugs and very addictive.

      The reason they’re used is because they are a supercharged version of the male hormone testosterone, which helps to build muscle in men.

      The downside is that they can have bad side effects, just as turning into the Hulk was a bad side effect for Dr. David Banner! These include shrinking your testicles and really bad acne- so stick to the weightlifting…

    • Photo: Ee Lyn Lim

      Ee Lyn Lim answered on 28 Jun 2013:

      Depends on what aspect of the Hulk you are referring to 😉 Steroids can help you build muscle (i.e. they can help you LOOK like the Hulk) but the Hulk in the comics is a lot stronger than just a human with big muscles!

      On the other hand, there are (perfectly normal-sized) people who claim to be able to move trucks with their teeth! Science has no idea how this is done (to be honest science probably thinks it’s all a hoax), but there are theories floating around that say our muscles can actually do a LOT more than what we are usually able to do, if we just figure out the trick to doing it (without using steroids!). Sometimes we can see this happening when someone is really, extremely desperate – like how a mother will lift up a car to save her baby. So I don’t think steroids are at all the way to go if you wanted to create the Hulk – Dr Banner never took any of the stuff (not that I’m saying gamma radiation is going to do it for you, either!)